Bathroom renovations: 13 ideas for a beautiful shower

I'm not going to talk about showers horizontal, exterior, full of windows or with an area of ​​20 square meters, because I am aware that although many enjoy watching them, at the time of undertake a reform the inspiration they give us is not usually realistic. We don't have so many bathrooms or so much budget many of us ...

But that doesn't mean we can't do changes in style, finish or functionality and a simple reform that gives our bathroom and in particular our shower a renewed and beautiful appearance. So we go with coatings, lighting, colors and accessories that can help us decide when doing work in the bathroom.

Natural coatings

If you are tired of so many tiles you can think of natural or other synthetic coatings that mimic their natural beauty and finish, there are different types of stone to choose from.

The elegance of marble

Marble is a classic that never fails, for decades it is a trend that always comes back and that is currently full thanks to its elegance.

Hydraulic tile ...

For the floor you have the option of hydraulic tile or plastic coverings that mimic it, if you like vintage style.

… Or meter type tile

If you still have the tiles in mind, instead of the large and square ones that you will have in your old bathroom you can think of other formats, such as the white metro type tile that helps fill the room with light.

Mosaics with or without effect

Mosaics with or without degraded effect also remain fully topical.

Decorate with letters

In all rooms you can decorate with phrases, words and letters. In the bathroom too and precisely the mosaic can help you get it.

Naturally inspired photographic print

For the most daring a lining made with digital photo printing that can make us travel through the shower to the most paradisiacal natural spaces in the world.

Turn to blue

If you want to change color, blue because of its close relationship with water is always a good option for the bathroom.

Or to all colors

But all colors are valid and even a fun combination of them, if you want something more original.

Vertical water fall feeling rain

As a complement to the flexo for the showers of each day, a ceiling shower for those days in which you need the most absolute relax and feel as if the rain fell on your shoulders, is an excellent option.

Lighting effects

I confess that I am not very supportive of the LEDs in the bathroom, but if the tones of the lights and their intensity are reasonable, you can get beautiful effects with them. And you can even combine the rain effect with the color of the water ... It's a matter of taste, but for many it is relaxing.

Get inside something curious, contrast styles

Since they are original and if we have enough space, we can put an original storage accessory like a ladder inside the shower, much nicer than the typical wall shelf ... Or, put on a vintage bathtub that creates the contrast between the old and the modern while giving us the option of enjoying a foam bath.

If you don't decide, combo: shower tub

Finally, for those who have a bathtub and you have not just decided whether to replace it with a shower or not, here is the combo option. You enter as in a shower, but if you want you can fill it up as a bathtub, a very functional two in one.

I hope that ideas whistle for help and inspire you for your future reforms in the bathroom. Remember that you have to think a little about everything, beauty, style and aesthetics, but also functionality.

Video: 50 Small Bathroom Design Ideas 2018 (December 2019).

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