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We tested the Philips cordless vacuum cleaner; the SpeedPro Max and we tell you our experience

I recognize that it has been more than good for me to try the Philips SpeedPro Max on these holidays where you are and receive a lot at home. Even more when has touched remove the Christmas decorations that suppose an extra need of cleaning (that they explain to me why they fall so many twigs to him to a false tree).

I tell you that what I am going to tell you about the SpeedPro Max vacuum cleaner It is good, very good. So much that a need has been generated for me. In fact, it seems like a great invention.Efficacy of vacuum cleaner but as easy and convenient to use as a broom? So is.

Like almost all things, some fault has to have. In case at least, it would be where to keep it to have it at hand and without being in sight. Apart from this, with this cordless vacuum cleaner I could say goodbye to the conventional vacuum cleaner and even (I know it's strong), the broom and the dustpan.


To begin, I will say that its assembly is very easy. It comes in a box separated by pieces but neither I (I am not very tricky), I needed instructions to do it correctly.

The larger head for the floor and one smaller for upholstery comes with two accessories.


Once assembled, I prepared to load it. To reach a 100% load autonomy (a screen indicates it to you) you have to charge it for quite some time. The truth is that I did not calculate it exactly but more than a long safe hour.

This should not be a problem because it is intended to be charged while at rest in the closet. In fact, is loaded from the upper handle, attaching it to the device designed and designed to keep the vacuum hung. I loaded it on the ground but of course, it is not intended for that.

Therefore, to load it comfortably it is preferable to place the charging base on a wall where you want to store it, but !eye!; this wall needs a nearby plug.

This is the only downside for me. The same would be to have it stored inside a broom or similar closet (no matter how beautiful it is, I don't see it as an ornament on the wall). We should take into account its dimensions. It occupies more than a broom of course, but less than a conventional vacuum cleaner. In any case it forces you to be a forecaster to have a suitable cabinet that includes a plug.


We highlight the following:

  • The weight. Although I am able to move it with one hand, it weighs enough to prefer both hands but with both hands I carry it comfortably but it is clear that it is not very light. In fact it is difficult to raise it with the large head.

  • The vacuum cleaner. I continue to use it. I try the different speeds (there are three, turbo, echo and normal I stay in the echo. It is more than enough to see that it picks up the remains where it passes very effectively.

  • He noise. Very scarce. It is a discreet device.

  • He movement: It slides very easily from back to front or sideways. You move it but without any restriction or stop and seemingly clean both forward and backward (I'm not sure this is done by my vacuum cleaner)

  • Pavement change: This seems to me a great advantage. I pass it both at the same time through the carpets and the hard floor, in my case laminate flooring, without changing the button or mode. (advantage in front of a vacuum cleaner and in front of a broom)

  • Without wires: Obvious. The truth is that if I think about it, it is what equals it to the broom. Do not be aware of the plug, or how far the cable reaches to change the site plug, or the rare bends and turns of the vacuum cleaner that goes behind you.

  • Agility. Another big point in favor is his way of folding under the furniture. As the robot vacuum cleaner type formats roombas, this vacuum cleaner also manages to make the base of sofas, beds or furniture well. Even if you have to bend over it is comfortable because of its way of bending.

  • Additional features. The smaller head is very useful for upholsteries but what has caught my attention is its narrowest mode. Because if you remove the heads and stretch the brush piece that is built into the stick, it becomes a vacuum cleaner for narrow areas. In this mode I can also clean high areas because with this gesture the weight of the vacuum cleaner decreases considerably and you can easily lift it.

And if you remove the stick you also have a handy handheld vacuum cleaner. Perfect for surfaces, the car etc ...

  • Emptying the remains. The deposit with the remains that are cleaned is made in the smoked plastic cup from the top. Very easy to remove, empty and replace.
  • LED lights to see the waste well. This also seemed like a big plus. The head has led lights that illuminate around the head so you do not leave a crumb of bread. It is also perfect for punctual cleaning even if it is semi dark, without having to turn on the general lights of the room.


The truth is that I liked it a lot and would buy it without hesitation if I had to get a new vacuum cleaner. In my case, I already bought a conventional but very good one a little over two years ago, so I have to put up with the one I have, although I confess that I am very lazy to take it out. I confess that I do it only on Saturday mornings and during the week only at very specific moments, if I see a very great need.

And is that The best thing about this Philips cordless vacuum cleaner is that it is not too lazy to use it. Seriously, none. While I have had it I have used it to replace the broom, that is, every day. Something like that I see unthinkable with the traditional so I say that I was so pleasantly surprised. Have enough power and capacity to make the whole house quickly (Do not get tangled up with the wires or have to change the plug) and of course it is very easy to use in a timely manner, as I have already said.

As disadvantages I highlight the surprising weight as you use it (I expected it lighter). But I also clarify that I can do the whole house without getting tired. Also as I commented my great inconvenience would be have the right place to save it. Right now I would not fit in the broom closet or where I keep the vacuum cleaner and I also have no plug in these closet. But, if the lack of space is not your problem or if you plan it properly (I would look for the mode) I would buy it without hesitation.

Who knows? With this invention, maybe the children born today will not know what a broom or a dustpan is tomorrow, we'll see ...

By the way, I have tried the FC6823 model (with pet accessory), which should be the one I used for upholstery.

Now its ranges and its official prices:

Philips SpeedPro Max: * FC6823 / 01- 25.2v with pet accessory- PVPR € 479.99 (VAT included) * FC6822 / 01- 25.2v - PVPR € 429.99 (VAT included) FC6813 / 01- 18v with pet accessory - RRP € 399.99 (VAT included)

But you can find them with tighter prices thanks to the sales.

Via Philips

Video: Philips SpeedPro Max Review (February 2020).

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