On Sunday I change you barbecue for moving

Whenever we change housing, the first thing we plan for most mortals is a general cleaning of the house. Here it varies a lot if the house is brand new, second hand or rental; but there are some common aspects that we can take into account when clean our new home.

I ventilate this before eating

Be realistic, or are you going to keep thinking that in a single day you will be able to clean the house thoroughly ?; and on top of that you choose a Sunday, when you left on Saturday, you start at 12, stop to eat and at 21, you realize that you still have the kitchen and the bathroom and the living room.

Set small goals to translate them into specific tasks and designate a time for each of them. Visualize before beginning, the most practical and effective way of cleaning and what products you will need.

Get your 'Team A'

And by team I mean human and cleaning material. Many times we think that we can do everything by ourselves and it doesn't occur to us that we can ask for collaboration, that we may have to return on another occasion, but teamwork is always more effective as well as more fun.

Make sure you have all the necessary material for general cleaning. Essential: a vacuum cleaner, broom and dustpan, mop and bucket, rags and cloths, brushes of different sizes and different hardnesses, gloves, bags and garbage bags, disinfectants, degreasers and those more specific cleaning products that you usually use.

Dancing, I spend the day cleaning

I do not know a single person who likes to clean, but a lot who find it a tedious task at least. Try to imagine the look of your new home clean and decorated to your liking and never look at all the work that remains to be done, but what you have already advanced. A good resource to escape while cleaning is music, which in addition to giving you energy and good vibes, helps you disconnect from the rest of the pending tasks.

The newly built houses they are probably the easiest to clean because the materials are new and the dirt has not had time to embed. In these cases, the indispensable element when preparing them to start living in them is a good vacuum cleaner. You will verify that the construction dust will take days, even weeks, to deposit completely and this will be joined later by the fluff and fragments of new carpets and textiles. A scraper is also essential to eliminate possible sticks on floors, walls or glass of products of the work.

In the second-hand homes, it will be necessary to pay special attention to upholstery, curtains, carpets and all the textiles that you are going to maintain, and be especially meticulous in the cleaning of those spaces of the house reserved for a more intimate use, such as bedroom or bathrooms. A good coat of paint and the replacement of some basic decorative elements, such as curtains, carpets or lamps, is usually the most economical resource in case you cannot afford new furniture.

In the rental houses We are not going to invest in large decorative changes, but we will be especially neat in some details. For example, the logical thing is that the mattresses and bedding provided by us are new, but we can always use mattress covers and use the tricks we already gave for a good cleaning and disinfection of the bedroom. The same goes for bathing clothes or kitchenware.

Finally remember that sometimes you do not need to be constantly changing utensils and products to clean different surfaces. Make smart use of your vacuum and remove most of the dirt with it. Did you know that I use it, in addition to living room and bedrooms, in places like kitchen, bathrooms, balcony, storage room ... or to clean the lamps, the door frames and pictures, the blinds or the doormat of the entrance? If the grandmother already said: "It is better a good aspirate, than a bad scrub", or wasn't it?

Dyson Ball vacuum cleaners allow you an integral cleaning of the home and provide you with the necessary accessories to remove dirt from all types of surfaces and from those most inaccessible places.

In the Dyson's official website You will find cleaning tips and tricks and technical advice, both for choosing the vacuum that best fits your home, and for optimal use of your resources.

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