Five ideas to light the garden

He garden can be lit in different ways depending on our tastes and what we are going to do in it. Yes what we are looking for is security, the lighting must be intense marking especially the transit spaces. There are, for example, anti-reflector lights and light filters that improve visibility and allow you to see the environment without disturbing.

If what we want is create a cozy space in the garden, we must look for the points where we want to focus the lighting can be areas with bushes, pergolas, lattices ... We must illuminate thinking about functionality and looking for contrasts between lights and shadows.

We can place the spotlights in the most diverse positions, they can be at ground level, focused on the leaves of a bush, inside the pool ... The porch can install a light bulb facing up, ceiling lamps, candle holders ... let's see some ideas.

Candle holders and floor lamps

One of the simplest ways to to illuminate the garden is with lamps or candle holders stuck in the ground. Personally, I love candles, although having them exposed can be somewhat problematic in areas where it rains a lot, like where I live, but there are also closed candle holders with a metal structure and transparent screens that keep the candle protected.

Ceiling lamps

It is also a good option the ceiling lamps, especially for the covered areas of the garden such as the porch. The one in the photo is called Lucille and is an aluminum lamp. The manufacturing materials must be resistant to the attacks of atmospheric agents, it must be taken into account that although the lamps are indoors they are still outdoors and are much more exposed than the indoor ones.

Recessed floor lights

The recessed spotlights on the ground They are an ideal complement in lighting, they are discreet because they are recessed, they provide suggestive lighting and at the same time they help safety since they can serve to define a path or passage area. Those in the photo are called Orione and have an accessory that prevents the light from projecting overhead, it diffuses only horizontally.

Garlands of light

It is in summer when we most enjoy the garden and when we celebrate more parties and meetings with friends and family. The light garlands As Melody, which we see in the photo, are perfect for lighting on these occasions, they can be removed and put on and together with the candles they create that desired atmosphere on special occasions.

Novel materials and nuances in the light

Finally today they exist in the market lighting proposals that go beyond the traditional lamp concept, like Aton, a design by Marco Acerbis, manufactured with the latest generation materials and with a novel design that exalts every shadow and shade of light. They are usually floor lamps, the lighting from below is more pleasant and generates less light pollution and there are countless forms and finishes to choose from.

Each one must analyze what their garden is like and for what they want to use it before deciding on one type of lighting or another, there will be areas where we need more direct lighting, and others where we want to create a pleasant environment with soft lighting. The best is usually to opt for a combination of several lighting systems depending on the needs of each area, as we do inside the house.

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