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Minue project: chairs of my loves

Although the workers are still painting, and there is still polishing the beautiful floor and setting up the dream kitchen, my mind is already elucidating ahead, thinking about the details, and one of the things I like most about the new house is that I will finally have chairs.

You have read well, where I live now I have no chairs, only stools at the bar that used to be a kitchen and table top, something that for a design lover is little less than a Chinese torture. So now that I am going to have a dining table as mandated by the fees, the time has come to choose the chairs of my loves. I am doubting among several, which are what I am going to show you now.

The tables

Before I start, and to complicate things a bit more, I want to show you the two tables that I have in mind. The two very simple, but with very different materials, something that certainly must be taken into account when choosing chairs.

My first choice regarding the table is a completely transparent glass, and with the metal pins type PIN, that is, they are not at the ends, but at the bottom. The other is an Ikea classic, the MELLTORP table, cheap and elegant, white lacquered.

Nor should we forget that under the table, there will be a gray mosaic floor, with white and maroon drawings, and that in general the house has a more vintage than modern look, with the original windows and ceiling moldings.

DSW chair by Eames

I will say it loud and clear: the DSW chair by Charles and Ray Eames it's my favorite. The combination of materials - wood, black steel and fiberglass (or plastic) - is simply magnificent, and its design, clean, graceful and proportionate lines, seems to fit in almost any environment.

Of the chairs among which I doubt, It is the one that best combines with both tables, because it shares the same grace in the support that the glass table and its colors would accompany very well the tense white of the lacquered table.

The price of an original is around 250 euros, while a copy can be around 75 euros. As you can see in the image that heads the article, there is also a version with arms, more comfortable, but less elegant.

Panton chair

The Panton chair and I have a relationship of love and hate. Sometimes I hate her extremely, and sometimes I feel an excessive attraction to her, especially when I find copies for less than 50 euros the unit.

It is not particularly comfortable, nor does it seem to go too well with any of the two tables I have in mind, but yes it is a chair that fits perfectly in old houses, creating a contrast between its sinuous modern lines and the more traditional environment.

The original, designed by Verner Panton, is made of fiberglass, although most of the current replicas are made of plastic. It is usually available in many colors, although white is the only one that really attracts me.

Eip Saarinen Tulip chair

Clearly, I feel some weakness for Nordic style designers, such as the Tulip chair by Eero Saarinen. Normally this chair is always accompanied by the homonymous round table, but I like more how it combines with straight tables, which is our case.

The original design is also made of white fiberglass, with a red cushion. Nowadays it is easy to find it in different colors, as well as with cushions in various shades and materials. It is not difficult to find medium quality replicas around 50 euros, of course if you can pay the original, it is always recommended.

Diamond chair by Bertoia

Another chair that has always tempted me, but that every time I have sat down has disappointed me, it is Bertoia's Diamonde chair, popularly known as Wired, for the wireframe it employs.

It has the advantage that it's very light visually, and that its version of dining chair combines well with both the glass table and a lacquered table, although it seems to be better with the white one, by pure contrast, as can be seen in this image with the Tulip table mentioned above.

In return, it is not easy to find quality economic replicas, because the structure is in steel, so its price is always around 100 euros, and much more the original version.

So Here I find myself doubting between the chairs of my loves, not knowing very well which one to stay with. None are especially comfortable, and all can be part of the decoration of my house without stridency. At the moment, when I close my eyes this image of the Barcelona floor that Anna & Eugeni Bach reformed comes to mind, but sometimes my tastes change like a wind vane.

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