Five accessories with which to get a better experience in your bathroom

Possibly get the best experience in the bathroom It is the objective of all the improvements and reforms that are carried out in it.

Leaving aside purely aesthetic issues such as the choice of tiling and furniture design, -not because they are not relevant but because they refer strictly to the sensory field-, we put ourselves very practical when raising issues that do have to do very directly with daily use of the bathroom.

Issues that affect your daily shower, the use of the toilet or the comfort of having a dry towel, and even hot, when leaving the shower every day.

Things that are not seen but that you feel as a happy user of a very comfortable bathroom.


Do you want or don't feel like it every morning? The best thing is that these models have been on the market for some time and are constantly updated, so in the market there are very good value for money models suitable for all budgets. You are looking for a bar model so that the change does not involve works.

  • A multifunctional shower column with adjustable bar 900-1250MM and three types of hand shower adaptable in height and to the pre-installation you have. Now with a 33% discount. Before 119.99 € today 99,99 €

Or at least, if the shower effect is not what you dream it is a single-lever shower with thermostat for ideal temperature showers.

  • Grohe shower set with thermostat, Grohtherm 800 model with 56% discount. Regular price € 301.39 discount price 131,53 €


I have two bathrooms at home. The toilets looked the same but no. One had a amortized lid and the other did not. The other had a lid that fell to lead with each child use. Now both have a amortized lid.

  • Lid and seat for toilet, soft closing, slow, robust, odorless mute, simple installation with ceramic surface texture, adaptable to almost all models. Price 39,99 €


If you are still in the era of halogens time to change. In addition to the reduction in spending, in bathrooms where ceilings are normally low the heat emitted by halogen bulbs can be very annoying.

  • Led bulbs, 5W = 50W Halogen, 450 Lumens, Neutral White (4000K) and 120 ° beam angle price 16,99 €


If you have upper space in the radiator take advantage of the height to replace a radiator to use with a towel rail. In addition to drying the towels before, it gives you extra space to hang the towels.

  • Cisca Blanco non-electric radiator towel rail 800 x 500 mm 47,89 €

And if you don't want to give up the hot and dry towel, option 2 (no less valid) is the electric towel rail.

  • Cecotec low consumption towel rail. Dry towels with timer and modern design 79,99 €


This is one of the best-selling accessories on Amazon and other bathroom accessory stores such as Leroy Merlin. Functional and very practical elements that give us extra comfort and help us keep the bathroom tidier.

  • Bathroom shelf with two metal InterDesign grid baskets. The top one is perfect for the gel or shampoo, and the bottom one, more flat, serves as a soap dish, under the bathroom baskets there are two hooks that can be hung from shower accessories such as sponges, brushes or mittens 22,17 €

Video: 5 Step Spa Bathroom Bathroom Decor (February 2020).

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