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Besta / Uppleva by Ikea, TV, audio and furniture, all in one and without cables in sight

Almost a year ago we showed you for the first time in Decoesfera a Uppleva, the multimedia solution integrated in the storage with which Ikea I was surprised at the last Salon in Milan. Now, after a wait that many have been made eternal, we already have it here, for sale in all the centers of Spain and six other European countries.

For this reason we had the opportunity to attend the official presentation to the Spanish press last Thursday, during which the sales manager, David Imbernon and the creature's designer, the Canadian Francis Cayouette, taught us the many combinations that offers the product, its functioning and their secrets.

Uppleva means something like "Live the experience" in Swedish and this already gives us a very clear clue as to where things are going. And it is that ultimately it is about living, enjoying images and sound in an aesthetic and pleasant way, without complicating our lives with technological messes. Cayouette, who started working with Ikea as a freelance in 2001, explains it very well:

My intention was to redefine the way people see them. electronic systems at home, do that were less technical and part of the domestic environment. Uppleva's design resembles that of furniture, far from the usual multimedia market. It is simpler and plays a more important role. It has been a demanding challenge, but also a lot of fun. The most interesting thing was to design the electronic products so that they could fit perfectly with the furniture. We integrate the sound, allow to hide the rest of the devices inside the furniture and improve the wiring management. It was also interesting to design the remote control, the connection between the person and the machine, since it is easy to understand, use, comfortably grabs and has as few buttons as possible”.

But how do you get the cables not visible?

Obviously the cables are there, we cannot make them disappear, although we can completely hide them from view through ingenious tricks: the support, the ventilation grill, the panel, the fully integrated audio system and the mesh front for drawers adjacent, in case you want to store more devices, than you have at home, inside them.


He support for television it is mounted directly on the Besta furniture (by the way, yesterday I learned that it is pronounced Besto), it seems that it is installed on the wall, and collects and organizes the cables that run through the interior.

The ventilation grill from the back of the furniture is foldable, so that you have the most used cables within your reach. With the hooks you prevent them from falling in when you don't use them.

The coordination general is totalthere are even frames, which are mounted with a click on the televisions, to integrate them in the same tone chosen for the furniture.

And how are the devices? Who makes them?

The devices are from the Chinese manufacturer TCL, known in Europe for its Thomson brand, and offer a five-year warranty that is processed directly through Ikea. All of them are managed with a only And simple remote control, with the functions that are most used in a simple front panel and the rest that appear when sliding.

The televisions, 24 "to 46", are Full HD, have Smart TV, use LED and have a built-in light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen to the light conditions of the room. They have Wi-Fi adapter and 8 GB memory sold separately.

He sound system It consists of two audio channels, which create surround sound with only two speakers. The USB port allows you to connect your smartphone, MP3, tablet or USB memory and listen to music from other devices.

Can Uppleva be combined with other storage series? When?

Yes, Uppleva can be combined with other storage series, in fact it is working on the adaptation for Hemnes, which will probably be ready in a few months.

Proof that Ikea experiences and wants to continue experimenting with the different possibilities is Himna, an independent piece of air retro created by Anna Wallin Irinarchos and Lisa Widén of WIS Design, which we see above accompanying the most basic and small model with Besta.

The designers wanted to forget about what TV furniture and TV look like today, to return to the past when, unlike today, television looked like a piece of furniture. Uppleva Himna is inspired by the classic Scandinavian backrest chair with bars to find a fun and challenging design, integrating modern technology into a classic.

We would only respond to how much Besta / Uppleva, but that depends a lot on the combination that is finally chosen and the accessories to be assembled. Ikea is already working on the modifications to its planner, so you can start designing the solution you like best and calculate how much it will work out for you. I already tell you that it is less than you think.

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Video: IKEA Byas TV Stand - DIY Wood Transformation Hack (February 2020).

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